- SOLAR DC LIGHTING SYSTEM: 20W solar panel, 3 x 3W DC LED bulbs & Lithium backup battery

- HIGH CAPACITY LITHIUM BATTERY: Unlike other systems which use heavy, cumbersome lead-acid batteries, this system uses a lightweight, portable, high capacity Li-Ion power bank

- OUTPUTS: 3 x 12V 4.5A DC, 2 x 5V 3A USB to charge mobile phone, tablet. 3 x 3W LED DC BULBS INCLUDED: On/off switch. 5m cable

- POWERFUL 20W SOLAR PANEL: Monocrystalline, weatherproof 20W solar panel included. MAINS ADAPTOR INCLUDED: Can charge battery on cloudy days or indoors

- The perfect off-grid solar lighting kit for Camping, Glamping Sites, Caravan, Motorhome, Campervan, Bell Tent, Car, Garage, Shed, Barn, Stable, Outhouse, Boat and Greenhouse, 


This 12V solar DC lighting system with high capacity Lithium battery is perfect for places where mains electricity is not available - for example: camping sites, caravans, campervans, motorhomes, farms, shed, garage, boat, car, stables, barns and more. It's also a great solution for lighting your greenhouse or shed.

Unlike other systems on the market which use heavy lead-acid batteries, this system includes a lightweight, portable, high capacity Lithium (Li-Ion) battery.

This complete solar home system includes:

- 20W solar panel
- 3 x DC LED bulbs
- Lithium battery power bank with 3 x 12V DC outputs, 2 x 5V USB outputs
- Mains adaptor to charge battery, for use indoors or on cloudy days

Solar panel specifications

- High efficiency monocrystalline solar module
- Rated power: 20W
- All weatherproof: suitable for outdoor use
- Factory fitted strong aluminium frame
- Diode: 1 bypass diode
- Maximum system voltage: 600V DC
- Voltage at maximum power (Vmp) : 18V
- Current at maximum power (Imp) 1.12A
- Open circuit voltage (Voc): 21.24V
- Short circuit current (Isc) : 1.27A
- Dimensions of panel : 42cm x 35cm x 2.5cm
- Weight: 2.5kg (approximate)

Lithium battery power bank specifications

- Outputs: 3 x DC 12V, 2 x 5V USB
- Battery: Lithium Li-Ion 18650
- Battery capacity: 97.68Wh - 115.44Wh
- Input: 18V-22V solar panel (included) or 19V/1.5A adaptor (included)
- Outputs: 12V 4.5A / 5V 3A (when only using 1 output)
- Charging time: 8-10 hours
- Dimensions: 139 x 122 x 51 mm
- Weight: 720 g

- Bulbs included: 3 x 3W DC LED bulbs
- Bulb lighting time: 8-45 hours
- Bulb cable: 5m with switch

What you get

- 20W solar panel
- 3 x DC LED bulbs
- Lithium battery power bank
- Mains adaptor

Solar Panel and Battery Back with LED lights and USB charging ports